Application tips

Your application is your springboard to us – and your chance to inspire us! So take advantage of it and show us what you've got!

What we need from you:

  • A strong resume that tells your story and reflects your personality – don't forget to include a photo!
  • Your last school report, if you are still at the beginning of your professional journey
  • References that highlight your experience
  • Earliest possible starting date or notice period with your current employer

A little advice from us: An incomplete application is like a puzzle with missing pieces – it doesn't let us see the whole picture of you. Missing documentation means that we have to turn off the engine before you can even really get started. So, make sure that each piece is in its place and that you convince us with your full power.
And what happens after submitting your application?
First of all, we take the time to review your documents thoroughly. We aim to make a decision within one week of receiving your application. You will then receive either a written rejection letter or an invitation to a personal interview. If we decide in favor of you, we will clarify open questions together. And then it's time to say hello to ADA!